Houston Area Guide

Area Guide

If you are visiting Houston for the first time, or haven’t been here in several years, you might be surprised by all the exciting things Houston has to offer! Allow us to set you up with one of our Houston furniture rental plans and get started exploring this fun and growing city.

What does Houston have to offer?

Fast-Paced Growth

Houston is the second-fastest growing big city in the United States, behind only New York. Great restaurateurs, artists, and entrepreneurs continue to find Houston a city of fascination and are staking their own claims to Houston with each coming year.

Low Unemployment Rate

Texas in general has survived the recession with relatively low unemployment rates, and the same is true of Houston. This makes moving to the city and finding a job, an internship, or a consulting role a very appealing proposition to many workers across the country.

Outstanding Cultural Assets

Houston’s museums are world famous. They include one of the best Natural Science Museums in the country, the second-rated Children’s Museum in the US, and the Rothko Chapel, a contemplative space inspired by the works of Mark Rothko, one of the greatest visual artists of the 20th Century. Space Center Houston is also located in Houston, and well worth a visit for its incredible displays of rockets and technology that have been used to explore the depths of space. There are also unique museums in Houston that showcase its off-kilter charm, such as the Art Car Museum, which lets its cars loose to be seen by over 250,000 people during the Art Car Parade in May. The Menil Collection features thousands of works, including those by famed surrealists and modern artists Magritte, Man Ray, Matisse, Picasso, Jasper Johns, and Andy Warhol.

Delicious Food & Culture

Houston is home to an incredibly diverse population, and the various ethnic groups that make up Houston have all made their culinary and cultural mark on the city. Houston has one of the largest Chinatowns in the country, and is the place to go to for the best Chinese food in the city. The same can be said of Houston’s Vietnamese restaurants, where delicious Pho and other Vietnamese delights can be sampled. The Mexican food in Houston is authentic, and reflects a variety of regions, while the soul food rates with any other in the country – just ask Beyonce, who has name-dropped Houston food in her songs! Of course, if you are a meat-eater, any trip to Texas would be lacking without tasting Texas’ world famous steaks, and there are many acclaimed steakhouses in the Houston area that offer the opportunity to try T-Bones, Prime Ribs, and more. If you stay in Houston you’ll never be lacking for variety when it comes to food.

We hope you will find our Area Guide useful and will enjoy exploring the city as much as we do. Check back for added content as we continue to offer our Houston insights and tips, or click for a quote for Houston furniture rental so your stay here is as worry-free as possible!

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