Building your dream home is an incredible step in life that allows you to customize everything from the size of your bedroom to the shape of your faucets to the exact location of the property. Once it’s completed, you’ll decorate it with the exact furniture and art you want, and likely never want to move again.

Before it’s built, life is a little less dreamy. Oftentimes, contractors need to continue working long after their projected end date, and even when they finish on time, it may be financially prudent to sell and move out of your previous home before your new home is ready. In those cases, you and your family will likely be staying in an apartment or rented home for (hopefully) a short period.

In these situations, your family will end up moving twice in quick succession; first to the temporary home, then to your dream home. Additionally, your temporary home will likely be smaller than you are accustomed to, and it may not hold all your belongings. Even if it does, it makes little sense to pack everything, unpack it for the short term, repack it, then unpack it again once your house is done.

Fortunately, there’s a better option. Corporate Furniture Leasing specializes in providing high class, short term furnishings in the Houston and surrounding areas, so your packed items can stay packed until they reach their final destination. By leasing temporary furnishings, you can avoid many of the difficulties of moving twice, as your short term furniture will be delivered and picked up exactly when you need them to be. Moreover, you can use only those items that you need, making your temporary home significantly less crowded and easing some of the frustration while you wait for your dream home.

It is more than likely that when you do transition to your final house, you’ll end up purchasing additional furnishings either because the new home has more space or because the spaces are set up differently and your previous pieces of furniture are no longer appropriate. You can use temporary furnishings to test out different styles and feels for a few weeks or months before committing to purchasing your new pieces. You may even want to test the pieces in your new home after it is built to see what these styles look like in the new environment.

If you’re building your dream home, or simply in a temporary home before moving on to bigger and better things, visit to explore some of the many Houston furniture rental options available.

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