Whether you travel for business, pleasure, or some combination of the two, you’ll occasionally find yourself in need of accommodations for sometimes a week or more. In those cases, hotels are not only pricey, they tend to be less comfortable than your own home. A much better option is a rental unit that you can style however you choose.

By renting an unfurnished apartment, condo, or house for a short period and working with Corporate Furniture Leasing, you can create an environment that is perfect for your needs. They have a huge variety of furniture styles, amounts, and amenities so you can tailor your room to be at least as comfortable as your own home.

For short, simple stays, you can opt for the Manager Special. This provides furniture for both your living room and bedroom, along with a dinette and four chairs. If you don’t plan on spending a lot of time inside, this set up is perfect. It provides comfort without being too expensive or ornate.

If you’d rather have a more home-like feel in the bedroom, the Executive Package is a subtle, yet powerful, upgrade. The larger bed, complete with a headboard, will give you a bit more space to stretch at night, and the mirrored dresser will make getting ready in the morning a breeze. This set up is great if you plan to unpack and settle in for a slightly longer stay.

Families and those who want only the highest quality will want to consider the Premium Package. You can pick from either a contemporary or traditional style of furnishing, and be provided with enough furniture to reside comfortably for long periods. Depending on the size of the family, you can include twin beds, sleeper sofas, even student-sized desks and chairs.

Regardless of your furniture rental package, you can adorn your temporary housing with anything you might need, including microwaves, towels, dishes, even a flat screen TV. Corporate Furniture Leasing has even grouped items into packages so you don’t have to worry about forgetting something. With so many options, you may never want to purchase furniture again.

Corporate Furniture Leasing is a company with over 40 years of experience creating comfortable and luxurious living spaces. We offer Houston furniture rental and leasing in many other cities in Texas and Louisiana to boot. We serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to individuals and small businesses. Visit us to browse the different options we provide.

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