With all the natural resources available, it’s no wonder that the Gulf Coast continues to attract so many businesses. In an increasingly globalized world, many companies maintain a headquarters in a different area of the country, and only send workers to the Gulf for short stays as they are needed. Because many of these industries are vital to the local economy, Corporate Furniture Leasing wants to be sure you’re aware of some of the leaders of business travel in the area.

Oil Workers

An oil business requires many different components working together in harmony. First, the business must find a natural source of oil, then collect and refine it, and finally deliver it to where it is needed. Throughout all this, constant safety checks and oversight are absolutely vital.

One difficulty with this industry is that it must span many geographical areas. Often, a business will maintain drilling operations at many different sites around the country or around the world. Even if there is only one site, the distribution process requires communication with buyers and delivery of the product to buyers.

Because the Gulf Coast has a rich supply of oil, it needs a steady supply of workers to not only collect the oil, but also ensure that everything is proceeding according to safety regulations. Some employees are long term and will simply live in a nearby area. Often, however, the employees are needed only for a few months or even weeks, and it does not make sense for them to relocate. In those cases, each employee and his family need a safe and comfortable place to stay, that doesn’t cost the business more than the worth of having that employee in the Gulf.

Relief Workers

The Gulf Coast is a source of natural beauty and environmentalists around the country know that it needs to be maintained to allow the copious wildlife to survive. Additionally, with the added danger of oil drilling, it is important to be able to send help in the event of a disaster like the BP oil spill.

In the months that followed this tragic event, the country united to send aid to both the people and wildlife that were affected. At the peak of the clean-up efforts, approximately 48,000 people were sent to that area. While this level of aid is admirable, it does raise the question of where these people could comfortably stay.

Temporary Housing

As a leader in facilitating corporate travel, Corporate Furniture Leasing regularly coordinates and prepares temporary furnishings and furniture rental for business travelers. Our location in the Gulf area allows us to help not only the industries discussed here, but also homeland security officers, software businessmen, and many others. If you’re interested in arranging temporary Houston furniture rental for your employees, contact Corporate Furniture Leasing today.

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