When you work in construction, you have to travel to where jobs are available. Some areas are constantly remodeling old buildings and creating new ones, but it’s more likely that your crew will have to move to various places. For the best work crews, this can mean going out of town, sometimes over significant distances.

These moves are nearly always temporary, but they can last several weeks or months. For distances that are so great that an overnight stay is required, it’s sometimes a challenge to find affordable, comfortable housing for all members of the crew. Once you find a suitable location or locations for your crew, there is still the arduous task of furnishing the property. In these situations, contracting with Corporate Furniture Leasing can help save you time and money.

Leasing furniture for a temporary stay is helpful for a number of reasons. First, if you have traveled a significant distance for this job, it is unlikely you’ll return to the area often enough to justify having a permanent residence. This means that when you leave, you’ll either have to dispose of your possessions or deal with the expense of moving them back to your home location. However, when you lease furniture, you will have what you want for only the length of time that you want it. You will have neither the added expense of buying furniture, nor the difficulties of removing it later.

Second, you have complete flexibility in what you choose to use. Often times, the stay will be short and the crew will not need many luxuries, so you can opt for the appropriate number of beds, dressers, towels, plates, and little else. However, for longer stays, or if families are coming along, it would likely make sense to include a bit more. In those situations, you can include dining room tables, mops and brooms, headboards, and anything else you feel would be appropriate. These changes can help you entice and maintain the top workers in the area.

Corporate Furniture Leasing is a company with over 40 years of experience creating comfortable and luxurious living spaces. We serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to individuals and small businesses. If you’re considering using furniture leasing in your next location, and you need Houston furniture rental or rental for any city in the Texas, Louisiana, or Southern Oklahoma area, visit us to explore some of the many options available.

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