As the economy continues its slow recovery, the savvy consumer is always looking for ways to minimize costs while traveling. This need is something that you, as a homeowner, can capitalize on to help the traveler save money and to allow you to make money. Specifically, you can rent out your spare room.

If you have no experience in this, the idea can seem daunting. However, Corporate Furniture Leasing has significant experience in making short term housing a pleasant experience for everyone involved. Below, we will attempt to answer the most common questions you may have, but if you have any other questions, please contact Corporate Furniture Leasing today.

Why Would a Traveler Rent a Room?

Hotels are one of the biggest costs of a vacation or a business travel. If a person is planning on staying for more than a week, hotels can be prohibitively expensive. Not to mention, all but the very highest end are lacking in things that most people would consider necessities for extended stays, such as stoves.

If a traveler rents a room, they know that the room will be fully furnished with all the items that they would expect to find in their own home. Additionally, they have access to a full kitchen, so they don’t have to subsist on microwavable meals for the duration of their stay.

What is the Financial Incentive of Renting a Room?

Whether you’re trying to pay off your mortgage, put away some savings, or indulge in that luxury you’ve been putting off far too long, a rent check a month can go a long way toward achieving your goals. Beyond that, there are taxes benefits to renting out a room. In effect, the IRS views the room you’re renting as a separate area that you are not personally using, just as if you were the landlord of a house down the street. That means that any costs directed solely at the room, such as painting it or a second phone line, are tax-deductible. Additionally, costs that you could reasonably split between the rental area and the personal area, like electricity and water, can be partially deducted.

How Can You Protect Your Property?

Unfortunately, a hidden cost of this endeavor is the maintenance of furniture and other items your tenet is likely to use. Even if you screen applicants thoroughly and every tenet treats every object you own with respect, there will be wear-and-tear. Eventually, you’ll have to replace the pillows, the towels, the beds, the dressers, and almost everything else being used. Not only is this costly, it can be emotional – imagine your grandmother’s dresser being scratched or your child’s favorite bowl being broken.

Fortunately, Corporate Furniture Leasing has the solution. Rather than putting your precious property in danger, you can rent furniture and other necessities for your tenets’ use. Depending on the atmosphere you’d like to create in the rental room, Corporate Furniture Leasing has furniture rental to suit your taste.

In addition to protecting your furniture, using furniture rental relieves you of any maintenance and replacement costs that are sure to arise. If a piece breaks or wears down, you can call on Corporate Furniture Leasing for a replacement. Beyond maintenance, if either your tastes change or a tenet requests a specific look, you can accommodate a quick change in style. Houston furniture rental is perfect for guests in our popular city.

How Do You Rent a Room?

It’s actually easier than it sounds. Once you’ve prepared the area you’d like to rent out, there are a range of websites that allow people to list their rooms for rent, such as Simply describe the room, explain where you are located, and inform the tenet what he will and will not have access to. The prospective tenets will begin applying, and you can start your additional source of income, letting Corporate Furniture Leasing take most of the worry off your shoulders.

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