Consultants and other business travelers log more frequent flyer miles than anyone else. On top of that, they have to be endlessly adaptable and capable of living for weeks on end out of only a single suitcase. In order to operate at peak efficiency, it’s important to have accommodations that allow a restful night and a peaceful morning.

For both short- and long-term stays, furniture leasing offers the opportunity to customize your surroundings in a way undreamt of in a hotel. Travelers have the ability to choose what style of furniture they prefer, as well as exactly which pieces would make them feel most at home. Further, amenities that we take for granted at home but the savvy traveler knows are not always provided, such as plates and forks, are delivered to your apartment by Corporate Furniture Leasing.

Corporate Furniture Leasing has created household packages for every room so travelers are sure to have what they need within arms’ reach. Microwaves, sheets, silverware, and anything else that makes time on the road more pleasant can be provided. For those with the most discerning tastes, Corporate Furniture Leasing will work to create custom options to provide the highest quality comforts.

Moreover, their services extend beyond the bare necessities. Executives can opt for art and area rugs as well as decorative plants and lamps. Rather than spending weeks or months in a drab, lifeless room, travelers can infuse their environment with personality. Though asked to spend extended periods away from home, Corporate Furniture Leasing believes there is no reason why travelers should be forced to reside in bleak living space.

As the visit wears on and the clothes in that suitcase become similarly worn, travelers will be thankful they opted for the washer/dryer set, though for many, it’s the flat screen TV that will get the most use. Regardless of what amenities are most wanted while on the road, Corporate Furniture Leasing will work to furnish each traveler in the upscale lifestyle to which they are accustomed.

Corporate Furniture Leasing is a company with over 40 years of experience creating comfortable and luxurious living spaces. Specializing in upscale and luxurious furnishings, they serve clients ranging from Fortune 500 Companies to individuals and small businesses. Whether you need Houston furniture rental or leasing in other cities, visit us to browse the different options they provide and speak with one of their furniture leasing specialists.

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