When an employee is temporarily relocating, turning an empty apartment into a furnished home can seem like a daunting task. This is especially true when an entire family is moving with the employee. Multiple people mean a bigger place and more furniture, and children have needs that must be met immediately.

Corporate Furniture Leasing has everything your business needs to ensure that every member of the family is living comfortably in their temporary home. Wherever it may be in the Texas or Louisiana region, whether you need Austin, Dallas, or Houston furniture rental, Corporate Furniture Leasing can help. With our comprehensive furniture rental services, your business can rest assured that the employee is using quality furniture, without the incredible expense of purchasing each piece.

Sleeping Arrangements

One of the most expensive sets your employee’s family will need is a set of beds. By using temporary furnishings, your employee will have access to a queen or king sized bed, twin beds, pull-out sofas, and anything else your company decides is necessary for a fraction of the cost of buying all these materials. Corporate Furniture Leasing also offers bedside tables, lamps, dressers, and anything else you need to help your employee feel at home.

Living Quarters

Though your employee will spend most of his or her day at the office, the family will likely spend several hours each day at the new home. This means sofas, chairs, dining room tables, and at least one television are necessary for their comfort and for your employee’s satisfaction.

Corporate Furniture Leasing has packages to provide all of these, with add-ons to make the package perfectly suited to your employee’s needs. Additionally, with guaranteed 24-48 hour delivery, you know that even last-minute moves will be taken care of, and your employee’s family will be happy to stay in this temporary home.

Non-Furniture Pieces

One of the most overlooked, but most important aspects of temporary furnishings for a family are non-furniture needs like dishes and plates. Most families won’t pack these things when their company is relocating, and none will want to buy them once they arrive. If children are also moving, it’s especially important to provide the tools to create meals on the fly, even on the first night of moving.

Not only does Corporate Furniture Leasing provide household packages to cover everything from spatulas to dish towels, we also offer to provide modern conveniences most homes take for granted. To be comfortable, most families rely on microwave ovens, refrigerators, and coffee makers – things an unfurnished rental may not have. You can also find household packages for the bedroom and bathroom, providing towels and alarm clocks so your employee is on time and ready to go on the first day of work. If your company intends to relocate a family, contact Corporate Furniture Leasing today.

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