Best Texas Holiday Recipes

Texas culture combines Mexican, German, Czech, Cajun and other influences, so it makes sense that our favorite holiday foods blend together these diverse traditions. Sure, Texans might enjoy some of the standard holiday dishes (turkey is still the overwhelming choice on Thanksgiving, and who can say no to classic sides like stuffing and mashed potatoes?), but we also bring plenty of our own unique dishes to the table. Here are a few to try out if you’re in Texas this Christmas or New Year’s and taking advantage of our great Houston furniture rental deals (which of course, include important kitchen equipment!).

Texas Christmas Pickles

In Texas, pickles are a tasty snack in their own right, not just a topping for sandwiches. Some families have even made it a tradition to make their own and give out jars of pickles for Christmas. If you want to make your own, you don’t necessarily have to start from scratch—you can buy whole dill pickles, slice them lengthwise, and season them following this recipe.


Tamales have long been served in Mexico as part of las posadas (a nine-day celebration leading up to Christmas), and the tradition has migrated to Texas. Because making tamales is a somewhat labor-intensive project, many families turn the preparation stage into a big social gathering called a tamalada. If you’d like to try your hand at making this dish with your family, you can find a traditional pork tamale recipe here.

Cornbread Stuffing

For a Southern take on a popular holiday side, try cornbread stuffing. This comfort food is a Christmas dinner staple for many Texans and is certainly worth a try if you’ve never had it. Get a basic recipe here, or branch out with these instructions for corn bread stuffing with sausage and cranberries.

Smoked Brisket

If you haven’t yet learned since coming to Texas, barbecue is more than just a sauce—it’s a method of meat preparation and a way of life. Interested in venturing into the world of barbecue? Why not start with the most Texan of meats, smoked brisket? The “low and slow” rule is the key to a good brisket—you need to keep the temperature low and cook the meat for hours. Here’s how to get it just right.

Pecan Pie

Pumpkin pie often makes its second holiday appearance, but many Texans also prepare that classic Southern dessert, the pecan pie. Making pie is much less challenging than many people seem to think—especially if you start with a store-bought crust. You can find a basic recipe here, and if that’s not enough to inspire you, check out this chocolate bourbon pecan pie.

There’s a lot to love about being in Texas over the holidays; try any of these recipes and you’re sure to have a great end to your year.