5 Ways to Design a Better Living Space

Designing a living space that is inviting and comfortable can improve your overall mood and well-being. You can easily achieve this by leasing furniture that is designed to be flexible and encourages movement throughout the day. We at Corporate Furniture Leasing can help you find the perfect furniture set to create a living space that is warm and inviting. Contact us for tips and pricing at (832) 644-5178 or email.

 Natural Wood

Research studies have found that natural wood has similar stress relieving effects that nature has on the mind. You can lease tables and chairs with natural wood finishes that can help transform sterile and characterless rooms, especially for spaces that lack natural light. Choosing coffee tables and chairs with natural wood finishes can help create living environments that reduce stress during life events like a relocation to a new city or workplace.


The layout of furniture should be flexible to encourage more activity and movement. Selecting furniture with minimalistic design or modular elements offers flexibly by allowing you to modify living spaces. You can easily achieve this by leasing tables that have knee room, height of 24 to 28 inches, to add or remove modular pieces like multi-purpose ottomans that have storage compartments and double as seating. Incorporating modular furniture pieces will give you flexibly and freedom to move the layout of the space to accommodate guests, giving you a more fluid living space

Color Matters

Choosing furniture and wall colors like muted greens, browns, and calming blues can improve productivity and focus. Research shows that colors like red can impact the mood negatively by increasing anxiety and stress levels, while deep-sutured blues can increase depression. While at the surface color may not seem important, research indicates that using bright red on interior walls and large furniture accent pieces can increase the amount of errors made on simple work tasks, thus elevating stress levels. The best way to incorporate bold colors like red is through small accessories or small modular furniture pieces.


Lamps that can be adjusted to accommodate different tasks give you more freedom to move around your new space. You can lease floor or desk lamps with different arms that can be easily adjusted to accent tasks, especially for spaces that lack natural light. Avoid using harsh florescent light bulbs that emit harmful blue light to help reduce eyestrain and disruption of sleeping patterns.

Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces poses various challenges, but you can easily transform the most sterile room into functional and comfortable living spaces that are multipurpose. For example, adding storage compartments under coffee tables or in closets can help you maintain a more organized living space by clearing away any miscellaneous items that can pile up and create clutter. Adding mirrors and graphic rugs that feature stripped patterns create optical illusions that make small rooms appear larger and stylish.

Design the perfect living space by contacting Corporate Furniture Leasing today with our help by contacting us. We can help you create your perfect space with our affordable rental furniture and accessories.