Traveling Nurse & Federal Employee Packages

Special Packages

There are many professions that involve long-distance travelling. In these instances finding comfortable and livable housing is a priority. Corporate Furniture Leasing strives to provide fast furniture delivery with great customer service to the traveling workforce. When you’re on the job, the particularities of furniture rental should be the last thing on your mind. Corporate Furniture Leasing makes sure you have a comfortable place to come home to after a long work day.

Discounts are generally available for the groups below. Call us at 832-644-5178 or send us an email and ask what packages and promotions we have ongoing!

Travel Nursing

Furniture rental is an especially effective solution for traveling nurses, whose hours can be long and irregular. Corporate Furniture Leasing’s flexibility in furniture delivery and selection will help you get your apartment set up as you desire.

One of the common advantages to arranging your own housing and furniture rental is getting to keep your housing allowance and use it as you see fit. You can move into the neighborhood you most want to live in, and equip the apartment with things you genuinely like and need. You may also be traveling with family, or pets, and need more options with greater space than your company may be offering.

Government Employee Discounts

The federal government is the largest employer in the United States, and many federal employees each year find themselves relocating for work. As with travel nursing, relocation help in the form of a housing allowance is usually available. Furniture leasing can be a great and economical way to use one’s housing allowance, and it allows you to pick and choose the package that best fits your needs. Corporate Furniture Leasing makes it extra easy to rent furniture, with their single page application process and easy upgrade procedures. Corporate Furniture Leasing also covers a wide service area in Texas and Louisiana, and has a lot of experience in providing for federal employees in and around Houston, Texas, as well as Dallas, Baton Rouge, and other cities in the region.


Corporate Furniture Leasing works with interns to find a package that meets their housing needs and their budget. Our terms are very friendly to a typical intern’s needs, as we offer 3 month leases and even shorter leases (subject to manager approval). We have warehouses in and around Austin, Dallas, Houston, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and Lake Charles, and can easily get your furniture to where you are in Texas or Louisiana. For interns without a lot of credit, we work with you to get your application approved and permit co-signing. Call us today at 832-644-5178 or email us to learn more about our available packages and discounts!