Considering Renting Furniture: Things to Avoid

RentalHere at Corporate Furniture Leasing, we have been in the rental furniture Industry since 1974. We often hear horror stories from customers that have had problematic experiences with other furniture rental companies. To help you avoid those pitfalls, we’ve compiled a list of items to watch out for when considering your next furniture rental. If you’ve decided to rent your furniture, read on to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and that your rented furniture fits your needs.


Renting Furniture Packages without Discussing Your Needs

There are a couple issues with booking your rental furniture without discussing your specific needs with a company representative. Most large furniture rental companies will try to push potential renters to specific packages that offer them the best returns and that minimize their time interacting with customers. However, these packages often do not include what a person actually needs to live comfortably. These packages often miss including enough seating or lighting for a person to be comfortable in their space. Additionally, smaller companies often do not have custom furniture options available beyond the standard essential furniture pieces. Consider discussing the actual square footage and layout of your space with the furniture rental company you deal with to ensure you get exactly the pieces you need.

Costly Furniture Deposits or Rent-to-Own Interest Rates
One of the appeals of renting furniture is the low cost of entry for getting essential furniture pieces in your space. However, behind these low starting fees can come either costly deposits or very high interest rates from most rent-to-own companies. You could be paying as much as 300% interest on that rent-to-own piece of furniture and deposit charges could be in the hundreds for just a modest set of furniture. Be sure to read the fine print on your furniture rental agreement before signing on the dotted line.

Sub-par Customer Service Reviews

Many of the bigger names you’ve heard of in the furniture rental industry do not have stellar customer service reviews. Whether these companies did not provide adequately function furniture pieces, delivered furniture late or were just plain rude, most rental furniture companies are not known to provide excellent service. Be sure to peruse each company’s online reviews before making a decision on who to use to furnish your space.

At Corporate Furniture Leasing, we pride ourselves on being different from our competitors. We are happy to discuss your needs with you, required deposits are waived with approved credit and we provide exemplary customer service. We operate locally in the Texas and Gulf Coast region and hope to earn your first-time or repeat business. Contact us to get more information or a quote for your next furniture rental.