Rent Until You Buy

Man Sitting On SofaThere are plenty of times that moving to a new place is simply better done with what few things can fit in your car. Whether this is a conscious decision or one that is done in a pinch, once you get to where you’re going, you may find yourself in need of furnishings. If you were already attempting to save money by “packing lightly”, the idea of purchasing all brand new furniture may not be an option. One of the best ways to buy furniture is by utilizing furniture rental. By renting furniture first and buying later, you will spend much less up front. Also, you can take the time you need to save up and purchase piece by piece based on what you find you actually want and need.

Why rent furniture and what benefits does it have? According to Business Insider, even the most budget-friendly one bedroom apartment can cost upwards of $2,500 to furnish. This does not include all of the other little bits and pieces you will inevitably have to pick up along the way. And of course multiple that figure times four when you’re furnishing for a whole family. Companies like Corporate Leasing offer low-cost packages that include all of the necessities. Their packages expand beyond conventional furniture to include everything from linens to cookware to refrigerators to flat screen televisions.  All of these amenities are affordably leased for any duration of time based on your needs.

If you’re scrambling to furnish your home after moving expenses, your budget is going to be much smaller than if you have time to plan and purchase in a smart way. Instead of rushing to purchase cheap furniture in an effort to save money, Whying offers a cost-effective option that gives you as much time as you need to acquire pieces that you actually want and that are of good quality. As you purchase your own furniture, you can subtract from that which you are leasing, until eventually your home is decked out exactly how you’d like.

Corporate Furniture Leasing is in the business of making your transition into home after moving go as seamlessly as possible. If you’re unsure of whether to rent or buy your furniture then speak with one of our experts by contacting us today. Utilizing furniture rental allows you to take comfort in great customer service and receive peace of mind that you will be comfortable in the present and for the future.