How to Make a Rental Space Feel like Home

woman relaxing on sofa in rental apartment

Change is hard, and packing up to move to an unfamiliar city can be lonely. Living in a temporary rental space during a period of transition may feel different from settling in your permanent home. Make yourself more comfortable in your new living space by learning how to decorate your rental property to feel familiar and personal. We’ve listed some of the best tips on how to make an apartment feel like home.

Bring Your Favorite Things

Most corporate housing companies provide all the essentials for you: furniture, dishware, linens, and even electronics like televisions. Having the basics ready beforehand will make your temporary stay very convenient, but you won’t have the pleasure of picking them out for yourself. Make up for all of the unfamiliar items in your new space by bringing a few personal elements that remind you of home—for example, your comfiest pillow and blanket, your favorite coffee mug, or a cherished piece of artwork. Unpack your personal belongings soon after you move in to help you adjust to your temporary living space.

Add Personal Touches

While you might only be living in this space temporarily, you can still add aspects that make it feel personal and help you feel at home in your rental. Showing off your favorite artwork is a good idea, but do your best not to hang anything if you have a short-term lease—save yourself the hassle of fixing holes in the walls in a few months. You can also find a sunny spot for your favorite plants and display pictures of your family and friends to give your new place a homey feel. It’ll be nice to be welcomed home to familiar art and decor.

Hold a Housewarming Party

If you don’t know many people in your new area, holding a housewarming party can be a great way to meet the neighbors. Make friends with people who live near you and who can help you feel adjusted to the new city. The best way to learn what to do in a new place is to ask people already living there to suggest the best places for food, drinks, and entertainment. When you don’t feel like hosting yourself, attend gatherings at your apartment complex and find ways to get involved with the community to make your transition easier.

Choose Homey Furniture

Instead of trying to buy all new furniture for a temporary living space, renting furniture saves you tremendous time and money. Corporate Furniture Leasing helps you pick out personalized furniture packages that fit your vision and aesthetics. Pick furniture with multifunctional purposes, like a coffee table with additional storage, to make the most out of your space.

Renting furniture with our flexible rental policy allows you to find all the things you need, from the perfect couch for movie night to a comfortable mattress for the best sleep. You can furnish your apartment easily without the cost and hassle of moving furniture to your permanent home later on.

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