Furniture Rental in Houston, Texas

Houston, known affectionately to locals as Bayou City, Space City, and H-Town, is the largest city in Texas both by population and area, and the fourth-most populous city in the United States. It’s been a major hub for the oil industry since the early 1900s, and its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico makes it important to international trade as well. As of the 20th century, Houston has also played a key role in space exploration and, because of the Texas Medical Center, healthcare and medical research.

Houston’s robust economy and unique Southwestern culture have a lot to offer business travelers and prospective residents considering a move. If you plan on an extended stay in temporary housing, either for work or while transitioning between more permanent residences, count on Corporate Furniture Leasing for the best short-term home furniture rental service in Houston.

Furniture Packages

Whatever your needs and whatever your budget, we’ve got the right furniture for you. We offer different furniture rental packages for Houston apartments and homes of all sizes. The basic package includes the bare essentials, like a bed, sofa, and kitchen table, while our premium package adds a love seat, more tables, more lamps, and decorative items like a headboard.

In addition to the furniture itself, you can add accessories like a TV and DVD player to keep your family or guests entertained, office chairs and desks to get work done away from your HQ, and kitchen appliances like a microwave and coffee maker to expand your possibilities for eating in. Whether you prefer to keep things simple or creature comforts are important to you, our furniture packages and a la carte add-ons are sure to keep you satisfied.

The Houston Economy

If you find yourself in need of short-term furniture rental in Houston, chances are good you’re spending a long period of time in the city on business. Some of the most prominent companies in the country are headquartered in Houston, including several from the Fortune 500 list. Houston is perhaps most notable as one of the leading cities driving the energy sector—major companies like Phillips 66, ConocoPhillips, Enterprise Products Partners, Halliburton, and Occidental Petroleum are all based in the Bayou City. Other notable enterprises with a large Houston presence include Sysco, a food and kitchen conglomerate, and Group 1 Automotive, an international vehicle retailer.

Rent Furniture in Houston Today

When you’re ready to order short-term home furniture rentals for your apartment in Houston, call (832) 644-5178 or fill out our online contact form. If you have any questions about our furniture packages, our rental policies, or which options will best meet your needs and preferences, don’t hesitate to let us know—one of our excellent customer service representatives will be glad to help you out. We look forward to doing our part to make Houston feel like a second home for as long as you plan to stay.