Furniture Rental in Plano, TX

Plano is a piece of Dallas and a city of its own at the same time. It draws many of the business travelers and those who are temporarily relocated thanks to its location just north of the center of Dallas. It’s no surprise that furniture rental in Plano is in high demand – and Corporate Furniture Leasing is ready to deliver, literally.

To get you from your permanent home to your temporary one in comfort and fashion, we offer:

  • Living room combinations
  • Dining room furniture
  • Bedroom necessities
  • Bathroom sets

We like to stay on the line of stylish and affordable when we choose what to offer. Our savings help you save, and our furniture buyers make sure you don’t have to compromise on comfort or beauty when you rent furniture from us in Plano, TX.

Here are just a few ways you can use our rental furniture in your Plano temporary housing:

Life Changes

You just can’t predict life no matter how hard you try. When times get extra tough and you find yourself away from home for a while, count on Corporate Furniture Leasing to take your furniture rental troubles away.

If you’re up in Plano without a place to stay, grab some temporary housing and ease your woes with comfortable, eye-catching furniture that will help you reflect and transition on whatever life has thrown your way. We’ll even help you choose a furniture rental package for Plano so you have one less thing to worry about.

Military Life

The military keeps you on the move. Even if you’re not deploying overseas, you may still need furniture rental in Plano for a temporary duty assignment, short-term orders, or a national emergency. The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in nearby Fort Worth draws members of every United States Military branch, including Marines, Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force.

Don’t let furniture moves hold you down. If you’re a military member and find yourself often touring the U.S., rely on affordable rental furniture to provide the comforts of home with the convenience of rental.

Home Staging

Plano hosts lots of housing development, especially for the dense commercial districts that neighbor it. The real estate market is constantly seeing change, and home sellers often find the need to make their marketed houses stand out.

A simple and elegant solution is home staging, in which home sellers hire furniture rental specialists in Plano to provide temporary furniture arrangements. The staged furniture allows sellers to imagine the house for sale as their own when they enter. This practice helps to maximize the list of buyers and the price of the house. Home staging by Corporate Furniture Leasing can help you achieve those results.

Transition to School

Students moving to Plano to begin studies at the University of Texas at Dallas or the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have a lot to look forward to: college life, independence, and a superior education. But there’s a lot to worry about, too: expenses, grades, and the future.

Corporate Furniture Leasing can help new students deal with at least one problem – finding, buying, shipping, and lugging new furniture. Instead of piling more worries on top of an already stressful transition, let our team help you find luxurious, cozy furniture to outfit your new home at an incredibly affordable price. Furniture rental for Plano students has never been simpler.

We offer basic or upgraded rental packages with guaranteed on time delivery to your Plano business or home.

Please call us at 832-644-5178 or fill out our contact form to get started on your Plano furniture rental as soon as possible!