Furniture Rental in Corpus Christi, TX

Corpus Christi, TX is the county seat of Nueces County and is home bountiful economically vital and well-paying jobs that call for corporate housing and furniture rental. It’s the eighth most populous city in Texas, thanks in part to the Port of Corpus Christi, the fifth-largest port in the U.S. It also proudly boasts the Corpus Christi International Airport, which aids in both tourism and commercial growth.

The abundance of jobs in mining and refining natural resources has pushed the population of Corpus Christi to over 300,000 with no signs of slowing down. You may find yourself working or relocating temporarily to the sparkling city by the bay. If you end up in temporary housing in the area, call Corporate Furniture Leasing for Corpus Christi, TX furniture rentals such as:

  • Full living room sets
  • Complete dining rooms
  • Beds and end tables
  • Basic bathroom furniture

Corpus Christi is an ever-growing bed of natural resources brimming with opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. For those who seek temporary housing in this promising city, we offer superior, luxurious furniture rentals in Corpus Christi, TX all year.

Take advantage of our rental furniture in your Corpus Christi, TX temporary or permanent housing for:

Temporary Job Assignment

Abundant oil, natural gas, and refinery equipment in Corpus Christi touch industries all over the nation every day. No matter your line of work, you’re likely to find yourself performing surveys or scoping out additional opportunities for your business in this growing city by the Gulf of Mexico.

If you want to take your time while on-assignment, you’ll need to arrange temporary housing and rent furniture in Corpus Christi, TX. We can help you set up a home office or design a comfortable living space for the length of your temporary job assignment.

Transition to School

Corpus Christi offers unique educational opportunities born from its proximity to military bases, the Gulf of Mexico, and ample natural resources. Texas A&M University Corpus Christi offers industrial, business, and agricultural study programs that bring thousands of students to the city every year. If you’re one of those looking to kick off or finish your education, be sure you get quality corporate housing and furniture rentals for your Corpus Christi, TX extended stay.

Extended Vacation

The sparkling city by the bay features an incredible amount of attractions for tourists seeking a long getaway. Take a month or two off from the toils of work and responsibility and enjoy beach walks, South Texas music, one-of-a-kind steak and seafood, and unforgettable art and museums. Be sure to outfit your Corpus Christi, TX housing with furniture rental to maximize your vacation experience.

We offer basic or upgraded rental packages with guaranteed on time delivery to your Corpus Christi business or home.

Please give us a call at 832-644-5178 or fill out our contact form to get started on your Corpus Christi, TX furniture rental today!