Choosing the Right Rental Furniture

Furniture can mean the difference between a space and home you love or one you just live in. Choosing the right furniture for you should be a meld of functionality, style and comfort. We at, Corporate Furniture Leasing, can help you find the perfect furniture set for your needs. However, following the tips below will help you decide on what you really want in your space. Remember though, your furniture is a personal choice and what you choose should, in the end, make you happy in your space.


There is a wide range of furnishing styles available from the most practical to the wildly outlandish. With rental furniture, you may be limited in selection to just a few different major styles of furniture. For example, rental furniture companies may just offer casual, traditional and contemporary styles of furniture. However, you should make sure to see samples of the furniture you are leasing to ensure that it fits with what you are looking for. Also, the most stylish options may cost a premium to rent. This is something to consider if you’re looking for the best price you can get.

Your Space

To start thinking about what you really need for your space, take a look at the floor plan and determine what you will use each room for. There are a lot of different ways the same 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartments or 4 bedroom 2 bathroom homes could be laid out. If you’re using one of your bedrooms as an office, that will require entirely different furniture than if you weren’t. Also consider the sizes of your rooms. Larger furniture could overwhelm some rooms if you don’t consider their size.

Functionality and Lifestyle

In terms of functionality, think about the utility of each piece of furniture you rent. If you love working on the couch and don’t ever find yourself working at a desk, take that into account. If you are planning on hosting people at your place, think about the seating required for everyone to enjoy your space. Thinking about how you’re going to use each space will make determining what furniture pieces you need much easier.


Price is a factor in many of the different furniture options offered. With some rental companies, different textiles, colors and finishes will lead to a different cost. In renting furniture, the price difference between two different pieces may be smaller than when buying. However, keep in mind what price point fits within your budget and what you actually need in your space.

At Corporate Furniture Leasing, we pride ourselves on being experts in renting furniture to individuals, families, groups and businesses. Contact us to get more information about how to select furniture for your place.