How to Make a Rental Space Feel like Home

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Change is hard, and packing up to move to an unfamiliar city can be lonely. Living in a temporary rental space during a period of transition may feel different from settling in your permanent home. Make yourself more comfortable in your new living space by learning how to decorate your rental property to feel familiar and personal. We’ve listed some of the best tips on how to make an apartment feel like home.

Bring Your Favorite Things

Most corporate housing companies provide all the essentials for you: furniture, dishware, linens, and even electronics like televisions. Having the basics ready beforehand will make your temporary stay very convenient, but you won’t have the pleasure of picking them out for yourself. Make up for all of the unfamiliar items in your new space by bringing a few personal elements that remind you of home—for example, your comfiest pillow and blanket, your favorite coffee mug, or a cherished piece of artwork. Unpack your personal belongings soon after you move in to help you adjust to your temporary living space.

Add Personal Touches

While you might only be living in this space temporarily, you can still add aspects that make it feel personal and help you feel at home in your rental. Showing off your favorite artwork is a good idea, but do your best not to hang anything if you have a short-term lease—save yourself the hassle of fixing holes in the walls in a few months. You can also find a sunny spot for your favorite plants and display pictures of your family and friends to give your new place a homey feel. It’ll be nice to be welcomed home to familiar art and decor.

Hold a Housewarming Party

If you don’t know many people in your new area, holding a housewarming party can be a great way to meet the neighbors. Make friends with people who live near you and who can help you feel adjusted to the new city. The best way to learn what to do in a new place is to ask people already living there to suggest the best places for food, drinks, and entertainment. When you don’t feel like hosting yourself, attend gatherings at your apartment complex and find ways to get involved with the community to make your transition easier.

Choose Homey Furniture

Instead of trying to buy all new furniture for a temporary living space, renting furniture saves you tremendous time and money. Corporate Furniture Leasing helps you pick out personalized furniture packages that fit your vision and aesthetics. Pick furniture with multifunctional purposes, like a coffee table with additional storage, to make the most out of your space.

Renting furniture with our flexible rental policy allows you to find all the things you need, from the perfect couch for movie night to a comfortable mattress for the best sleep. You can furnish your apartment easily without the cost and hassle of moving furniture to your permanent home later on.

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Our simple leasing application and expedited delivery services make renting furniture with Corporate Furniture Leasing hassle-free. Our expertise and attention to detail allow us to give you comprehensive and personalized furniture options that will transform your rental space into a welcoming home. Contact us today for easy and affordable furniture leasing!

DIY Decorating Tips for Rental Apartments

Stylishly decorated apartment kitchen with balcony

Updating a Rental Property

A house becomes a home with the addition of your own personal touches. Precious family heirlooms and unique artwork remind you of who you are and what matters most in your life. Why forget about your favorite decorative items when moving into a rental space? Temporary apartment upgrades are possible with a bit of planning and research – here are a couple of temporary decorating ideas for renters looking to make their rental apartments feel like home.

Decorating Hacks for Renters

Don’t forget that decorating is key, and just because you’re living in a rental space doesn’t mean you can’t hang up pictures, stack your books, and lay down a shaggy rug. Leaving your mark will make you feel comfortable in your new space, and you’ll feel excited to come home to an apartment that accommodates your needs and unique style. DIY rental-apartment decorating is made easy with these tips and tricks.

Choose Versatile Furniture Pieces

Renting a temporary apartment often means you move frequently for business – and that you’ll keep moving in the future, depending on where your work takes you. For this reason, we recommend investing in versatile pieces that can be used in a variety of spaces. Modular sofas, folding chairs, and side or coffee tables offer flexibility and can easily be stored away when necessary.

Consider Lighting and Hardware Carefully

The right lighting makes any space feel warm and welcoming. Try to avoid overhead lighting by investing in decorative floor and table lamps which provide a soft glow instead of harsh lighting. By using these lamps, you can easily assert your style. Lamp bases and shades come in a variety of colors and patterns and act as decorative focal points of any room.

Switching out old hardware is another easy temporary apartment upgrade. Simply upgrade cabinet pulls in kitchens and bathrooms for a clean and refined look and replace ‘basic’ knobs with ones that speak to your own unique style. When you’re ready to move out, simply reinstall old fixtures. It’s as easy as that.

Pay Attention to Windows and Floors

Old windows and blinds can make a space feel outdated. Instead, purchase new, cozy curtains and rugs to add personality and dimension to your rooms. Many retailers offer plenty of affordable window and flooring treatments in a variety of colors and styles. Enjoy walking barefoot on a shaggy rug while sipping your morning cup of coffee. Or delicately pull back curtains to flood your living room with sunlight. If you’re wondering how to furnish and decorate small spaces, purchase rugs and curtains. They provide comfort while also hiding unseemly stains and outdated window fixtures.

Don’t Forget to Decorate

For many, decorating is the best part of moving into a new space. We believe art makes a home, and there are many ways to incorporate your favorite wall décor and family photos into a rental space. By including these items in your space, you’ll feel more at home and can kick off your shoes in a space that’s truly your own. So, invest in the gallery-style prints and artwork of your choice. You’ll feel great when you come home to a place you’ve carefully and thoughtfully designed – all with the help of these handy decorating tips.

Use Furniture to Make Your Rental Home Look Bigger

Luxury Guest Bedroom

You’re temporarily relocating to a short-term lease apartment, and the space may be a little smaller than what you’re used to in your own home. Fortunately, you can use rented furniture to make the rooms in your apartment feel larger. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing and arranging your furniture.

Move Furniture Away from the Wall

It might seem counterintuitive to move furniture away from the walls in a small room—after all, you probably feel like you should maximize the space. However, having several large furniture items (such as a sofa and loveseat) pushed up against the wall can make the space feel more cramped. By leaving at least a couple of inches between the wall and bigger furniture items, you’ll make the room look more open.

Choose Sofas and Chairs with Exposed Legs

Sofas and chairs with exposed legs (as opposed to a skirt or a box shape) help create a greater sense of openness, since there is space visible between the legs.

Avoid Heavy Curtains

Heavy, dark-colored curtains will absorb light rather than reflecting it, making a small room feel even smaller. Consider leaving windows free of treatments, or choosing shutters or lightweight cloth blinds if you’re concerned about privacy.

Keep Rugs Minimal and Light-Colored

If your short-term apartment has a living area with hardwood floors, you may just want to leave the floors bare, since rugs with bright colors or busy patterns can contribute to the cluttered look of a small room. If you do want to add rugs, consider adding something in a solid light color—a minimalist approach will help make the room look larger.

Add a Mirror

Adding a mirror to one of your walls is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make a room appear larger. Try placing a mirror directly across from a window; the mirror will reflect light and make the room feel airier.

Choose a Few Larger Accent Pieces

Adding a lot of little knick-knacks or wall hangings to a room can make the space feel cramped. Opt for a few larger decorative items (such as a large painting and a potted tree) to give the room character without creating a sense of clutter.

Choosing a Furniture Package

Don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for the right furniture to make a room look larger? The great thing about Corporate Furniture Leasing is that you can choose a furniture package that meets your needs and have everything delivered to your door. We have furniture packages in a range of styles, and you can add individual items to any package. You can even select decorative items, such as prints, paintings, mirrors, or plants.

Contact us to learn more.

Tips to Prepare Your Short-Term Rental for Guests

You’re staying in a short-term rental apartment for a few months, and you decide to host some coworkers, neighbors, or clients. What do you need to do to get ready? Because you don’t have as many possessions here as in your own home, you probably don’t have too much clutter to contain. However, the downside of this is that your temporary home may not look as ‘lived-in’ and inviting to visitors.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things you can do to turn your temporary rental into a welcoming home, especially when you choose customizable furniture and household packages from Corporate Furniture Leasing. Below are a few ideas.

Add Decorative Elements but Avoid Clutter

Adding a few decorative items, such as a large wall print and a colorful potted plant, will help draw your visitors’ eyes and add interest to the living room. However, don’t go overboard with the wall hangings and other decorations, since you don’t want the room to look cramped or cluttered.

Prep Entryway for a Great First Impression

You’ll likely want to tidy up every room that your guests will be in, but pay extra attention to your entryway, since this is the first area of your apartment that your guests will see. If the apartment doesn’t already have a place for stowing guests’ coats and purses, consider adding temporary wooden or metal hooks by the front door.

Prep the Bathroom for Guests

Don’t neglect the bathroom when preparing your apartment. Remove used towels and set out clean ones, store personal items such as hairbrushes and razors out of sight, and make sure you have plenty of toilet paper and hand soap.

Add a Mirror in the Living Room

Adding a mirror in the living room isn’t just about giving guests a chance to check their reflections—it will help reflect light and make the room look bigger, which can be especially helpful if you’re staying in a smaller apartment.

Arrange Furniture for Conversations

If your rental furniture isn’t already set up in a way that will facilitate conversation between guests, consider rearranging it. Laying chairs and sofas out in a circular or semi-circular pattern will help the flow of the room and make it easier for guests to talk to one another.

Need Additional Furniture? Contact Us

If you’re preparing your temporary apartment for guests and are worried that the space is looking bare, contact Corporate Furniture Leasing. We offer fast deliveries on custom furniture packages, so you’ll get what you need in time for your event.

Why Should You Rent Upscale Furniture?

Temporarily relocating for work can feel like a hassle, and for many, elegantly furnishing a short-term apartment might not seem like a top priority. However, before you commit to living with cheap foldable chairs and cardboard boxes for tables, consider some of the benefits of renting upscale furniture for your corporate apartment or house.

Your temporary rental will feel more like home. Adjusting to a new temporary home can be challenging, but furnishing that home in a way that reflects your personal style can help you feel more grounded. Corporate Furniture Leasing has an extensive catalog of rental furniture and offers customizable packages, allowing you to decorate your rental unit in a way that feels like home, rather than like a hotel room.

You’ll have a better space for working and relaxing. Whether you’re going to be working from your rented apartment or just relaxing there at the end of the day, the space should be functional and comfortable. Choosing high-quality furniture can help you ensure that your rental unit meets your day-to-day needs.

You’ll impress visiting clients or prospective employees. If you’re going to host visiting clients or interview prospective job candidates from your rented home, you’ll want your living area to make a good first impression. Selecting upscale furniture will reflect well on you and the company you’re representing.

Where to Find Upscale Furniture for Rent

At Corporate Furniture Leasing, we have furniture rental packages to meet all your needs, including a premium package that includes upscale furniture in contemporary or traditional styles. All our furniture packages are customizable, and you can add additional individual items such as an office desk or flat panel TV. We keep our furniture packages competitively priced, and we do not require a security deposit, making it easier and more affordable for you to furnish your short-term apartment. Contact us to learn more about our furniture options and get a free quote.

Essential Relocation Items You May Have Overlooked

When you’re temporarily relocating to a new city for work, it’s easy to forget to pack some of the smaller household items that you use on a daily basis. Below are a few of the essentials that often get overlooked in the process of moving.


Everyone has to eat, and everyone needs basic dishware in their home. Make sure to get plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, and cutlery for yourself and any family members who will be relocating with you.

Basic Cooking Set

Even if you don’t consider yourself a master chef, you’ll probably at least want a pot, pan, set of mixing bowls, and a serving spoon so that you can do some basic cooking. And don’t forget the can opener—you don’t want to stock up on canned goods only to find you can’t easily open them.


You’ll need bath towels and hand towels for the bathroom, as well as dish cloths for the kitchen (especially if you don’t have a dishwasher).

Waste Baskets

At the very least, you’ll probably need a trash can for your kitchen and another small waste basket for the bathroom.

Mop, Broom, and Dustpan

You may not be staying in your temporary apartment for long enough to perform a deep clean, but you should at least make sure you have a mop, broom, and dustpan in case of spills, broken glass, and other unexpected messes. You’ll likely also want paper towels, a duster, and basic cleaning solutions to keep your temporary home from getting too dusty or musty.

Bath Mat and Shower Curtain

It’s easy to forget these items—until the first time you go to take a shower in your new home. Make sure you have both a shower curtain and a bath mat so that you keep water off the bathroom floor and avoid slipping on a wet surface.

Iron and Ironing Board

If you have button-down shirts, dress pants, or other clothes that wrinkle easily, you’ll want to have an iron and ironing board in your rented apartment.

Coffee Pot

A coffee pot may or may not be an essential depending on how much of a caffeine addict you are. If you do drink coffee on a daily basis, having a basic coffee maker is a cost-friendly alternative to stopping at the nearest Starbucks on your way to work.

Get All the Essentials from Corporate Furniture Leasing

Rather than making multiple trips to a department store to purchase all your essential household items, rent what you need from Corporate Furniture Leasing. In addition to our furniture packages, we offer cost-effective household and electronic packages that include things like cookware, kitchenware, towels, waste baskets, and cleaning supplies. We’ll even work with you to modify a package so that you get exactly what you need without paying for anything superfluous. Contact us to learn more.

5 Ways to Design a Better Living Space

Designing a living space that is inviting and comfortable can improve your overall mood and well-being. You can easily achieve this by leasing furniture that is designed to be flexible and encourages movement throughout the day. We at Corporate Furniture Leasing can help you find the perfect furniture set to create a living space that is warm and inviting. Contact us for tips and pricing at (832) 644-5178 or email.

 Natural Wood

Research studies have found that natural wood has similar stress relieving effects that nature has on the mind. You can lease tables and chairs with natural wood finishes that can help transform sterile and characterless rooms, especially for spaces that lack natural light. Choosing coffee tables and chairs with natural wood finishes can help create living environments that reduce stress during life events like a relocation to a new city or workplace.


The layout of furniture should be flexible to encourage more activity and movement. Selecting furniture with minimalistic design or modular elements offers flexibly by allowing you to modify living spaces. You can easily achieve this by leasing tables that have knee room, height of 24 to 28 inches, to add or remove modular pieces like multi-purpose ottomans that have storage compartments and double as seating. Incorporating modular furniture pieces will give you flexibly and freedom to move the layout of the space to accommodate guests, giving you a more fluid living space

Color Matters

Choosing furniture and wall colors like muted greens, browns, and calming blues can improve productivity and focus. Research shows that colors like red can impact the mood negatively by increasing anxiety and stress levels, while deep-sutured blues can increase depression. While at the surface color may not seem important, research indicates that using bright red on interior walls and large furniture accent pieces can increase the amount of errors made on simple work tasks, thus elevating stress levels. The best way to incorporate bold colors like red is through small accessories or small modular furniture pieces.


Lamps that can be adjusted to accommodate different tasks give you more freedom to move around your new space. You can lease floor or desk lamps with different arms that can be easily adjusted to accent tasks, especially for spaces that lack natural light. Avoid using harsh florescent light bulbs that emit harmful blue light to help reduce eyestrain and disruption of sleeping patterns.

Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces poses various challenges, but you can easily transform the most sterile room into functional and comfortable living spaces that are multipurpose. For example, adding storage compartments under coffee tables or in closets can help you maintain a more organized living space by clearing away any miscellaneous items that can pile up and create clutter. Adding mirrors and graphic rugs that feature stripped patterns create optical illusions that make small rooms appear larger and stylish.

Design the perfect living space by contacting Corporate Furniture Leasing today with our help by contacting us. We can help you create your perfect space with our affordable rental furniture and accessories.

How to Accessorize New Rental Furniture

Decorating a rental space doesn’t have to involve painting walls or making large modifications. You can easily transform a space by incorporating elements of color through accessories and other accent pieces that compliment rental furniture like sofas, beds, or lounge chairs. Adding home accessories such as accent rugs, pillows, blankets, and framed artwork will instantly change a sterile environment into a cozy inviting space fit for entertainment or relaxation. When choosing these home accessories, consider the following tips to accommodate your new rental furniture.

Accent Rugs:

When choosing a rug for a room, consider the dimensions of the room to ensure that it fits within your current furniture arrangement. If your rental space is small, choose a rug that features bold graphic vertical lines to create the illusion of a long space. In terms of color, choose rugs that complement the most dominant color of the room, like the wall color, sofa, or bedspread. Choosing an accent rug first over other accessories will give you the most flexibly, as it will make it easy to pick out complimentary accessories like lamps, artwork, and accent pillows.


Adding accent pillows to your rental sofa or bed will add instant personation, giving you a more inviting space. When choosing accent pillows, consider the size of the pillows and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Smaller pillows can accommodate just about any rental chair or bed, while larger pillows will create a more relaxing lounge feeling to any space. Consider they type of fill when purchasing accent pillows, and note that natural fillers like feathers and down are softer on the body. Synthetic fills like foams will generally hold their shape better than natural fills, but are much stiffer and look less expensive. For added style, choose a textile texture that is bold and that adds depth to the current furniture arrangement.


Adding a blanket to a rental sofa or bed will make any room feel more inviting. When choosing a blanket, the most important factor to consider are the materials used to make the piece. Choose blankets made out of natural fibers like cotton, wool, and bamboo that will naturally get softer with every wash and feel luxurious on the skin. Avoid synthetic blends or materials like nylons and polyesters that get corrosive over time. When choosing a blanket color, consider the most dominant color in the room like an accent wall or rental sofa and pick the best shade.

Framed Art & Photos:

Framing artwork or photos adds personalization to a dull or sterile space. When choosing frames for the room, consider the atmosphere you would like to create and choose art and personal photos accordingly. If your budget is low, the best way add art is to purchase a large poster print or map (34” X 36”) and choose a frame with a matte to make it appear more expensive. Add personal photos and other smaller artwork surrounding the large poster to create a cohesive or eclectic look. If you are unable to paint the walls in your rental unit, go bold with the art or poster— as this will add the most personalization to a room that is neutral in color

Corporate Furniture Rental offers rental furniture, appliances, and electronics for any space. Contact us today and let us help you choose the perfect rental furniture package.

Choosing the Right Rental Furniture

Furniture can mean the difference between a space and home you love or one you just live in. Choosing the right furniture for you should be a meld of functionality, style and comfort. We at, Corporate Furniture Leasing, can help you find the perfect furniture set for your needs. However, following the tips below will help you decide on what you really want in your space. Remember though, your furniture is a personal choice and what you choose should, in the end, make you happy in your space.


There is a wide range of furnishing styles available from the most practical to the wildly outlandish. With rental furniture, you may be limited in selection to just a few different major styles of furniture. For example, rental furniture companies may just offer casual, traditional and contemporary styles of furniture. However, you should make sure to see samples of the furniture you are leasing to ensure that it fits with what you are looking for. Also, the most stylish options may cost a premium to rent. This is something to consider if you’re looking for the best price you can get.

Your Space

To start thinking about what you really need for your space, take a look at the floor plan and determine what you will use each room for. There are a lot of different ways the same 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartments or 4 bedroom 2 bathroom homes could be laid out. If you’re using one of your bedrooms as an office, that will require entirely different furniture than if you weren’t. Also consider the sizes of your rooms. Larger furniture could overwhelm some rooms if you don’t consider their size.

Functionality and Lifestyle

In terms of functionality, think about the utility of each piece of furniture you rent. If you love working on the couch and don’t ever find yourself working at a desk, take that into account. If you are planning on hosting people at your place, think about the seating required for everyone to enjoy your space. Thinking about how you’re going to use each space will make determining what furniture pieces you need much easier.


Price is a factor in many of the different furniture options offered. With some rental companies, different textiles, colors and finishes will lead to a different cost. In renting furniture, the price difference between two different pieces may be smaller than when buying. However, keep in mind what price point fits within your budget and what you actually need in your space.

At Corporate Furniture Leasing, we pride ourselves on being experts in renting furniture to individuals, families, groups and businesses. Contact us to get more information about how to select furniture for your place.

Considering Renting Furniture: Things to Avoid

RentalHere at Corporate Furniture Leasing, we have been in the rental furniture Industry since 1974. We often hear horror stories from customers that have had problematic experiences with other furniture rental companies. To help you avoid those pitfalls, we’ve compiled a list of items to watch out for when considering your next furniture rental. If you’ve decided to rent your furniture, read on to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and that your rented furniture fits your needs.


Renting Furniture Packages without Discussing Your Needs

There are a couple issues with booking your rental furniture without discussing your specific needs with a company representative. Most large furniture rental companies will try to push potential renters to specific packages that offer them the best returns and that minimize their time interacting with customers. However, these packages often do not include what a person actually needs to live comfortably. These packages often miss including enough seating or lighting for a person to be comfortable in their space. Additionally, smaller companies often do not have custom furniture options available beyond the standard essential furniture pieces. Consider discussing the actual square footage and layout of your space with the furniture rental company you deal with to ensure you get exactly the pieces you need.

Costly Furniture Deposits or Rent-to-Own Interest Rates
One of the appeals of renting furniture is the low cost of entry for getting essential furniture pieces in your space. However, behind these low starting fees can come either costly deposits or very high interest rates from most rent-to-own companies. You could be paying as much as 300% interest on that rent-to-own piece of furniture and deposit charges could be in the hundreds for just a modest set of furniture. Be sure to read the fine print on your furniture rental agreement before signing on the dotted line.

Sub-par Customer Service Reviews

Many of the bigger names you’ve heard of in the furniture rental industry do not have stellar customer service reviews. Whether these companies did not provide adequately function furniture pieces, delivered furniture late or were just plain rude, most rental furniture companies are not known to provide excellent service. Be sure to peruse each company’s online reviews before making a decision on who to use to furnish your space.

At Corporate Furniture Leasing, we pride ourselves on being different from our competitors. We are happy to discuss your needs with you, required deposits are waived with approved credit and we provide exemplary customer service. We operate locally in the Texas and Gulf Coast region and hope to earn your first-time or repeat business. Contact us to get more information or a quote for your next furniture rental.