Beaumont Furniture Rental

Beaumont, a city located along the Neches River in Southeast Texas, has made a lasting impact on the history of Texas and the United States. Founded in 1835, Beaumont brought the United States into the oil age in 1901 with the discovery of the Spindletop, an enormous oil geyser that went over 150 feet high and produced close to 100,000 barrels a day for nine days before it was brought under control. The Spindletop gusher was more powerful than any previously seen in the world, and it led to a booming oil industry that gave rise to many of the major oil companies in America, including Gulf Oil, Texaco, and Exxon.

Today, Beaumont is a place where you can experience old-world Texas with a modern twist. Beaumont’s historic charm, wealth of outdoor activities, and bustling economy make it a big draw for business travelers and people considering moving to Beaumont. If you plan on an extended stay in temporary housing, either for work or while transitioning to a permanent residence, look to Corporate Furniture Leasing for the best short-term home furniture rental service in Beaumont, TX.

Furniture Packages

You’ll find the right furniture for your needs and your budget with our affordable furniture rental packages for Beaumont, TX, homes of all sizes. The basic package includes the essential furniture for your Beaumont, TX, home, like a full-sized bed, a sofa, and a kitchen table, while our premium package includes a queen bed, a sofa, a love seat, a dresser and mirror, more lamps, and decorative items like a headboard.

You can also add accessories like a TV and DVD player to stay entertained, office chairs and desks to set up your home office, a twin bed or sleeper sofa, and appliances so you can have a fully equipped kitchen. Whether you just want to keep things simple or you want all the comforts of home, our furniture packages and a la carte add-ons will have your home furniture needs in Beaumont, TX, covered.

The Beaumont Economy

Many people looking for furniture leasing options in Beaumont, TX, are in the area for business, and it’s no wonder why. Beaumont is part of an area known as the Golden Triangle, a reference to the wealth that came after the oil boom that started at Spindletop. It still has a bustling industrial sector, with companies like ExxonMobil Corporation as a major employer, along with chemical plants for other major businesses like Goodyear. The education sector is a major employer too, and the city also boasts the Port of Beaumont, which ranks among the nation’s largest ports when measured by tonnage.

Rent Home Furniture in Beaumont, TX, Today

When you’re ready to find affordable home furnishings for your Beaumont, TX, stay, go ahead and call (832) 280-7392 or fill out our online contact form. One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our affordable home furniture packages in Beaumont, TX, our rental policies, or which options will best meet your needs and preferences, so don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re eager to help you make Beaumont feel like a second home no matter how long you’ll be here.