Baytown Furniture Rental

Students, business owners, and the newly relocated to Baytown can rest easy knowing there is a reliable furniture leasing company in their area. Corporate Furniture Leasing has years of experience in providing the right furniture leasing packages for your individual needs. Whether you need rental for a one bedroom apartment or several bedroom home, Corporate Furniture Leasing is your go to place for Baytown furniture rental.

Corporate Furniture Leasing has a selection of pieces for every budget and space requirement. In the city “where oil and water really do mix,” perhaps you have just relocated for a job and need some furniture for your apartment. In that case, the household packages page will show you what sort of items you can rent, from mattresses to ironing boards to juice glasses. Corporate Furniture Leasing also offers appliance and television rental.

For those wanting specific bedroom sets or packages the variety of furniture rental Baytown options is rather impressive as well. Our furniture packages are scaled to size and style, so that you can easily set up in comfort in your own apartment. When you move somewhere for a temporary job or consulting position, worrying about picking out furniture is more of a burden than a pleasure, and Corporate Furniture Leasing can help you out of that bind. Their professional staff will help you determine which package is right for you and work with you to make sure you get your furniture on time.

The most important thing is that you have a pleasant stay in Baytown. Corporate Furniture Leasing has options for every budget and if you have questions or are looking for a particular piece, please call us at 281-644-5178 or send us an email at We will be happy to help!