Baton Rouge Furniture Rental

Baton Rouge is known for more than its bars and restaurants. There’s a thriving culture in the area, thanks in no small part to its elaborate history and strong political ties. Some call it the center of the American South, where technology, motion picture, medicine, and petrochemical industries bloom. The economic climate is resilient and climbing, and is sure to continue to bring in tourism and business alike.

You may find yourself working or relocating temporarily to the city of Baton Rouge. If you end up in temporary housing in the area, call Corporate Furniture Leasing for Baton Rouge furniture rentals such as:

  • Home office chairs and desks
  • Soft, refreshing beds
  • Dining room sets
  • Housewares and accessories

Baton Rouge moves to the rhythm of the entirety of the state of Louisiana. For those who seek temporary housing within the city, we offer superior, luxurious furniture rentals in Baton Rouge, LA all year.

Take advantage of our rental furniture in your Baton Rouge, LA temporary or permanent housing for:

Student Life

Louisiana State University, well-known as LSU, is the flagship campus of the Louisiana State University system. About 31,000 students attend every year to participate in involved studies of agriculture and mechanics, after which they move on to lucrative and economically vital positions that feed into the prosperity of our nation.

Getting to Baton Rouge, Louisiana isn’t always easy for students. Higher education comes with an inevitable and daunting financial responsibility, and the transition from grade school to college can be tough. To ease the change, we offer full furniture sets for students in temporary housing that recall the comforts of home even if you rent furniture in Baton Rouge, LA.

Temporary Job Assignment

Because of the eternally-growing film and petrochemical industries, workers are sent from all over the country to Baton Rouge to perform market research, examine business trends, expand training opportunities, and try their hands at filmmaking. Temporary job assignments are not unusual, which makes the need for furniture rental in Baton Rouge more essential than ever.

To make sure you optimize your job assignment experience, you’ll need to arrange temporary housing and rent furniture in Baton Rouge. We can help you set up a home office or design a relaxing living space for the length of your temporary job assignment.

Home Staging

The expanding film industry in Baton Rouge along with its huge draw as a tourist destination mean that real estate in Baton Rouge is poised to continue to improve. If you want to take advantage of possible profits from rises in housing prices, the time to buy is now. But even if you’re planning to sell, you may still require accommodations temporarily. Outfit your corporate housing or apartments with furniture rental in Baton Rouge while you await your purchase or sale.

We offer basic or upgraded rental packages with guaranteed on time delivery to your Louisiana business or home.

Please give us a call at 832-644-5178 or fill out our contact form to get started on your Baton Rouge furniture rental today!