As of the last week of May, more than 56,000 Texans have tested positive for COVID-19, and healthcare providers all over the state have been working around the clock to diagnose and treat them. If you’ve kept up to date with local news, you’ve likely heard heartwarming stories about Texas institutions supporting frontline heroes in Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, and beyond. Here are some of the ways organizations throughout the Lone Star State are helping medical workers as they battle the coronavirus.

Feeding Workers on the Front Lines

It became more difficult for medical workers to grab a bite to eat after restaurants closed to the public, so Sydney Gressel and a group of volunteers founded Frontline Foods, a nonprofit organization that connects restaurants with hospitals and medical facilities nationwide. Frontline Foods uses donations to order food for healthcare workers from local restaurants in major Texas cities, treating medical workers to a free lunch or dinner and keeping restaurants in business while they deal with a shrinking customer base. It’s a win-win for the service industry and medical professionals alike.

Fuel the Fight is another nonprofit that provides freshly cooked meals for people on the front lines. Alex Seiler, an Austin native, brought Fuel the Fight to the state capital on April 5th, connecting 13 restaurants with four local hospitals. Organizations like these make sure medical personnel don’t go hungry while they work to keep our communities safe.

Transportation and Supplies

Some Texas corporations and small businesses support medical workers with transportation services. The Dallas-based Greyhound Lines, for example, created the Rides for Responders program to offer free transportation to frontline workers who need to travel outside their usual jurisdiction to support areas heavily impacted by COVID-19.

Retail brands are showing their support by donating masks and clothing. Hari Mari, a Dallas footwear brand, donated 400 pairs of sandals to workers in state hospitals in Dallas and Houston, and San Antonio fashion designer Stacy Williams donated over 700 masks. Charitable acts like these not only keep healthcare professionals safe, but in good spirits too!

Childcare Services

Many medical workers are spending less time at home as a result of the pandemic, and because of that, they’re scrambling to find childcare services to protect their families while they’re away. Governor Greg Abbott, in coordination with several state agencies, developed the Frontline Child Care portal, where qualifying members can search for childcare services and access financial aid.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas also created a $1,000,000 grant used in part to fund childcare services for frontline medical workers and healthcare professionals. You can read more about the many North Texas companies offering relief services here, and learn ways to offer help if you’re interested.

We Support Our Frontline Heroes

If you’re a medical professional visiting Texas or traveling to another city to assist with coronavirus relief, you may need to stay in short-term housing. Corporate Furniture Leasing can help your temporary lodging feel more like home with comfortable furniture rental packages. Contact us to learn more about our service areas within Texas and the accommodations we can provide while you’re away from your permanent residence. Thank you for everything you do!

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