Between registering for classes, buying books, and moving into a new dorm or apartment, it’s difficult to find time to go furniture shopping. Moving comes with a lot of upfront costs (on top of tuition), putting many students over budget before they have a chance to furnish their new place.

If you or your kids are having trouble buying furniture for school, our student furniture rentals may solve all your problems. Read on to learn more about the benefits of renting furniture for the academic year.

A Simplified Selection Process

Furnishing new student housing often requires shopping at several different stores to find everything you need. If you’re like most college students on a strict budget, you might also have to scramble for hand-me-down pieces to avoid breaking the bank.

Renting furniture is a hassle-free approach to outfitting your new dorm or apartment. Instead of traveling from store to store, you can find packages that include high-quality rental options for all the essential furniture items, priced together in a single quote. Whether you need just a bed set or everything from a desk to a kitchen table and more, renting furniture allows you to select all the pieces you want at once.

Stress-Free Moving

Students have a lot of things to worry about before classes start, but moving doesn’t have to be one of them. Renting furniture that can be delivered straight to your dorm saves you from a stressful move-in day. You may not have to bother with assembly yourself, either—student furniture rental companies commonly offer furniture assembly services so you can settle into your new place right away.

Since you’ll probably be changing dorms or apartments multiple times throughout your college career, furniture rental will also remove the hassle of hauling furniture to your next place or finding somewhere to store it over the summer. Let a college furniture rental company do all the legwork so you can focus on your studies.

Save Money

Renting allows you to furnish your student apartment for a fraction of the cost of buying. Students generally don’t have a large furniture budget, making it hard to find all the essentials with their amount of money. When students rent furniture, they can pay in monthly installments instead of worrying about one major upfront purchase.

If you buy furniture, you might also get stuck with bulky items that don’t fit in your future living spaces. Don’t get saddled with pieces you’ll only need for less than a year—renting furniture is the more economical choice both now and over time.

Furnish Your Student Apartment with Corporate Furniture Leasing

Corporate Furniture Leasing makes it easy to furnish student housing with customizable furniture packages at unbeatable prices. Select all the functional and fashionable pieces you need without worrying about moving them in and out of your apartment. We’ll handle your move to college so you can focus on what really matters: your education. Contact us today to build a furniture rental package that meets your needs this school year!

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