They come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, and colors, but one thing every pet has in common is they’re part of the family. Every dedicated pet owner knows that sharing your home (even a temporary one) with your furry friend is a source of joy in life. Sure, pets can find their way into some messy situations, but they’ll always have that special spot on the couch.

While the debate of cat versus dog may never be settled, all can agree that protecting your rental furniture is always a good idea. Covering everything from couch covers for dogs to unique ways to protect furniture from cats, this article will put you in prime position to return your rental furniture without damage, hair, dander, and anything else your pet may bring into your home.

How To Protect Your Furniture From Dogs

Creating a designated space for your pup is essential for protecting your furniture. You may be surprised at how enticing a soft, comfortable pet bed can be, but if your dog doesn’t take to it at first, then there are ways to reinforce the behavior. For example, if your dog keeps ditching their bed to try to find a way onto yours, then putting a toy nearby might help.

Outside of a watchful eye, the best way to keep your dog in its designated cage or bed is with positive reinforcement. Protecting your furniture can be as simple as making sure your dog knows just how good they are when they lay their head down on their own bed.

Furniture protectors and couch covers made for dogs are two great options for making sure that the aftermath of playtime doesn’t spill onto the couch. They’re easy to install and remove, and they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You can check a few out here.

Some dogs can take to biting the legs of furniture if they run out of items to chew on, and that’s not good for any party involved. Chewing can result from separation anxiety, boredom, or dental issues, so you may need to try different options before getting it right. Making sure that your dog has a wide variety of toys is an easy way to protect your furniture from dog chewing.

How to Protect Your Furniture From Cats

Meet your cat halfway. If your cat tends to want to be on top of your couch, then place their cat bed on top of the couch. Problem solved.

Cat owners know a cat’s insatiable desire to scratch items around the home can be a challenging habit to break. Luckily, cat towers and scratch pads can save your furniture from even the most relentless of cats. Catnip can be placed in these items as well in order to really catch your cat’s attention. You don’t need to be a superhero to protect your furniture from pets, but you do need to be consistent. If you don’t want Spot or Fluffy on the couch, then be sure you don’t make exceptions from time to time. With these simple tips, you can be confident that you’ll return your rental furniture free of dander, dirt, hair, chew marks, scratching, and whatever else comes your way. It’s likely your pet is begging for your attention at this point, so go forth and play.

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