As a company that specializes in providing short- and long-term corporate housing, you understand that the needs of businesses vary depending on each particular situation. A week-long stay by a potential client requires a different level of furnishing than a half-year stay by a current employee.

To meet the needs of your clients, there are two options. First, you can buy each piece of furniture that is needed in every situation and hope that a piece used in one situation will be needed in a later one. In addition to being unsure whether each investment can be reused, this option also puts the burden on your company to store, maintain, and eventually replace each piece. In many if not most situations, this option is simply not cost-effective.

Corporate Furniture Leasing offers the second option. Rather than owning the furniture, your company can lease it for the time period it is needed, then return it without another thought. As leaders in the field of corporate housing furniture rental, Corporate Furniture Leasing has innovated several ways to make providing fully furnished housing significantly easier.

First, by offering pre-designed packages of commonly needed furniture, your company will ensure that they are receiving the best quality furniture at bulk prices. The variety of packages allows you the control to decide how ornate each corporate housing unit will be in every situation, without the added stress of wondering if something has been forgotten.

Second, the packages are not limited solely to furniture, but instead include necessities for bathroom, kitchen, cleaning, and bedroom needs. Additionally, many of the amenities can be upgraded for situations where your client wants a more impressive display. As your friendly Houston furniture rental company, Corporate Furniture Leasing is happy to provide upgrades and grant requests.

Third, there is a wide range of additions that will allow you to meet any specific needs your client may have. From flat-screen TV’s to coffeemakers and washer/dryer sets, you will find everything your client has requested at Corporate Furniture Leasing.

If there’s anything you can’t find on the website, the professionals at Corporate Furniture Leasing are happy to discuss additional needs, and in many cases can supply exactly what your client specified. Rather than going to a huge range of stores, contact Corporate Furniture Leasing today to find how they can make providing fully furnished homes a little bit easier.

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