As an effective business, you recognize that sometimes telecommunications are simply inefficient. Instead, there are times that you need to send an employee to a new location or bring a client to your headquarters, often for extended periods.

Because this is a temporary assignment, it doesn’t make financial sense for your business to purchase all the furniture the traveler will need. Instead, work with Corporate Furniture Leasing to coordinate furniture rental so you have the items you need only during the time you need them.

Furniture Packages

As experts in furniture rental, Corporate Furniture Leasing has created several packages that will meet all your traveler’s furniture needs, reducing the chance that something crucial will be forgotten. Complete with sofas, beds, dressers, and lamps, all the packages offered allow your employee to function efficiently in his or her temporary location, and each package can be supplemented with items that each particular person would need.

Household Packages

Often, the simplest items are the ones overlooked during a relocation. In order to operate at peak efficiency, your employee needs more than furniture. Bathroom supplies such as towels and shower curtains are absolutely essential, as are sheets and blankets. Many people require a jolt of caffeine to start their morning routine, so a coffee maker and coffee cup would be a significant enhancement to any temporary living arrangement.

Rather than expect your company to itemize everything that will be necessary, Corporate Furniture Leasing has arranged household packages that will supply all a business traveler’s needs. Business travel has never been so easy.

Clients and Prospective Clients

When working with clients, one of the things your company already focuses on is building a sense of trust between your business and your client. One way to enhance the knowledge that your client’s business will be well taken care of is to show that your client is afforded every luxury when he or she visits your headquarters.

Corporate Furniture Leasing is able to help you impress your client in several ways. First, by offering packages tailored to premium guests, you can provide all the amenities your client would be used to in his own home. Second, you can upgrade many aspects of the household and furniture packages, such as turning simple linens into luxury sheets. Finally, with a wide range of additions to choose from, you can adorn the living area with flat screen TV’s, decorative lamps and paintings, and much more.

To discuss how to make a spectacular impression on your potential client, or how to furnish a simple temporary home with Houston furniture rental during business travel, contact Corporate Furniture Leasing today.

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