With the housing market continuing its tumultuous progress, people are increasingly looking to short-term rentals for stays of anything from a week to a few months. Whether you have extra space at the beach or a prime location in the business district, renting out your property can provide substantial financial benefits.

However, this avenue can be full of frustrating twists and turns. You are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the property and everything in it. Moreover, you’re competing with luxury hotels that often offer incredible comfort. To attract tenants, your property is going to have to stand out and stay well maintained.

In order to even be considered, each room of your property will have to have a comfortable amount of furniture. This means a bed and a dresser in the bedroom, tables and chairs in the kitchen and/or dining room, and a sofa and TV in the living room. Depending on who you’re hoping to attract, you may need quite a bit more than that. At a minimum, most people will expect a coffee maker and microwave. Not only is furnishing an entire property expensive, it’s an investment that brings no returns. The couch will wear out, the TV will need repair, and general damage will often occur.

On top of the big items, you will also need to provide daily use materials, like towels, kitchenware, and linens. These tend to wear out even faster than the furniture, as glasses break, plates chip, and towels seem to mysteriously disappear. While you can price your rental to compensate for some of this, the headache of constant replacements can be overwhelming.

One solution to these problems is to lease your rental’s furnishings rather than purchase them. You pass the hassle of upgrades and replacements onto a company that is experienced in supplying temporary furnishings. This also provides the option to upgrade or downgrade what you provide depending on your needs. Your guests will appreciate the option of asking for an additional dresser or using the latest technology rather than having to be content with what they are given. Your flexibility will put you above the competition and help you offer the best.

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