Just because you’re staying in a temporary apartment that’s on the smaller side doesn’t mean you’re limited on storage solutions. With multifunctional furniture and a little creativity, you can make your small space feel like a spacious oasis.

Think about the areas where things are most cluttered or which items you have a lot of—that’s what you should focus on to come up with storage ideas for your small apartment. Here are some essential small room storage and organization ideas to get you started.

Put Your Furniture to Work

If you need ideas for a small bedroom that’s more organized and less cluttered, think about the furniture. Getting a bed frame with drawers puts what’s typically an empty space beneath your bed to use while giving you a ton of storage space and adding a nice aesthetic to your bedroom, too. Even if you’re not looking for a new bed frame, putting wicker baskets or individual storage drawers under your bed is an easy and budget-friendly way to maximize that unused space.

When your bedroom storage just isn’t meeting your wardrobe’s needs, a chest may just be the perfect solution to your problem. Taller and narrower than a dresser, a chest takes up minimal space, making it one of many perfect bedroom storage ideas.

For those times where you need a spare sleeping space but don’t have the room for an entire second bed, a sleeper sofa is a perfect way to turn your living room into a cozy place for your guests to get some rest. Pair that sleeper sofa with a coffee table or ottoman that has some hidden storage space and you’ll have some small room ideas that give your living room two pretty useful extra features.

Simple and Effective Storage Solutions

Sometimes, the perfect small bedroom storage ideas come in the form of “life hacks.” Have any room in your closet for an extra tension rod? Get one and use it to store your shoes, saving precious floor space and making your footwear easier to find. If a tension rod isn’t in your future, a collapsible hanging shoe rack can also help you save space—these are easy to pack up and travel with, too!

When you’re short on room, letting your laundry hamper take up extra floor space just seems unnecessary. Take back your precious floor space with a laundry hamper that hangs over your bedroom or closet door.

Just because the contents of your drawer are out of sight most of the time doesn’t mean they couldn’t benefit from organizational help. Adding structure to your drawer can make it easier to find things and contribute to the sense of calm that comes with a clutter-free space. Try a modular desk organizer for any kitchen, office, or bedroom drawer, or if you’re feeling crafty, you can try building one yourself with some craft board.

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