Working from home and working from an office are as different as night and day. When it comes to a home office, working from the comfort of one’s own private space has a multitude of benefits built right in: no commute, no pressure to look your best (at least, in a pre-Zoom world), and you always know exactly where the primo snacks are hidden.

On the other hand, working from home comes with its own unique challenges as well. It can be more difficult to stay on task when the distractions of home abound, to feel connected to the people you work with, and to resist that nap you could so easily get away with. No matter what line of work we’re in, everyone wants to achieve a healthy work/life balance, and that starts with staying focused during the workday—so it can start and end when it’s supposed to.

Creating the Right Space

Staying motivated while working from home is the key to maintaining your focus and productivity. That’s why it’s important to put together a home office that you actually want to spend time in, and one that will allow you to truly get “in the zone.”

You’ll need furniture that’s functional enough for working from home but comfortable enough that you can spend long periods in one area as you tackle your to-do list. Recent studies show that many people feel more productive working from home than they do in an office, and part of that may be due to their ability to move around freely. While a desk and chair are a must for most, being able to work from a loveseat, or even from bed on occasion, could be the secret to maximizing your own productivity from home.

Corporate Furniture Leasing offers furniture rental packages that can help you make a space feel like both a home and an office, with a wide variety of options and add-ons that can be tailored to your individual needs.

Winding Down From the Workday

Work hard, relax appropriately. A job well done means it’s time to put your feet up and unwind. Having a space to escape the demands of work is just as important as the perfect home office, and Corporate Furniture Leasing can help with that, too. Along with our furniture packages, we offer all the essentials you need for lounging as effectively as you work: flat-panel TVs, DVD players, stereos, recliners, and more.

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