How to Accessorize New Rental Furniture

Decorating a rental space doesn’t have to involve painting walls or making large modifications. You can easily transform a space by incorporating elements of color through accessories and other accent pieces that compliment rental furniture like sofas, beds, or lounge chairs. Adding home accessories such as accent rugs, pillows, blankets, and framed artwork will instantly change a sterile environment into a cozy inviting space fit for entertainment or relaxation. When choosing these home accessories, consider the following tips to accommodate your new rental furniture.

Accent Rugs:

When choosing a rug for a room, consider the dimensions of the room to ensure that it fits within your current furniture arrangement. If your rental space is small, choose a rug that features bold graphic vertical lines to create the illusion of a long space. In terms of color, choose rugs that complement the most dominant color of the room, like the wall color, sofa, or bedspread. Choosing an accent rug first over other accessories will give you the most flexibly, as it will make it easy to pick out complimentary accessories like lamps, artwork, and accent pillows.


Adding accent pillows to your rental sofa or bed will add instant personation, giving you a more inviting space. When choosing accent pillows, consider the size of the pillows and the type of atmosphere you want to create. Smaller pillows can accommodate just about any rental chair or bed, while larger pillows will create a more relaxing lounge feeling to any space. Consider they type of fill when purchasing accent pillows, and note that natural fillers like feathers and down are softer on the body. Synthetic fills like foams will generally hold their shape better than natural fills, but are much stiffer and look less expensive. For added style, choose a textile texture that is bold and that adds depth to the current furniture arrangement.


Adding a blanket to a rental sofa or bed will make any room feel more inviting. When choosing a blanket, the most important factor to consider are the materials used to make the piece. Choose blankets made out of natural fibers like cotton, wool, and bamboo that will naturally get softer with every wash and feel luxurious on the skin. Avoid synthetic blends or materials like nylons and polyesters that get corrosive over time. When choosing a blanket color, consider the most dominant color in the room like an accent wall or rental sofa and pick the best shade.

Framed Art & Photos:

Framing artwork or photos adds personalization to a dull or sterile space. When choosing frames for the room, consider the atmosphere you would like to create and choose art and personal photos accordingly. If your budget is low, the best way add art is to purchase a large poster print or map (34” X 36”) and choose a frame with a matte to make it appear more expensive. Add personal photos and other smaller artwork surrounding the large poster to create a cohesive or eclectic look. If you are unable to paint the walls in your rental unit, go bold with the art or poster— as this will add the most personalization to a room that is neutral in color

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