Why Choose Corporate Furniture Leasing?

Corporate Furniture Leasing has been in the rental furniture industry since 1974. Years of experience have taught us how to best cater to the needs of consumers in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and the Gulf Coast. Our warehouses across the region allow us to quickly and effectively serve our clients in need. But why is Corporate Furniture Leasing right for you?

No Deposit with Approved Credit

Corporate Furniture Leasing does not require a security deposit (note: subject to approval from the credit department). This makes renting furniture easier and more affordable from the start.

Custom Package Options

Corporate Furniture Leasing offers customers the ability to extensively customize their rental package. In most markets, we can offer as low as a $150 monthly minimum spend (excluding taxes and waiver).  We provide an a la carte list of items available for the customer to choose from. This flexibility ensures our clients will be happy and able to rent furniture as is necessary to meet their needs.

Extra Fast Service

Corporate Furniture Leasing offers expedited delivery options. In many cases same day delivery is available, upon processing of paperwork.

Simply Lease

We pride ourselves on having one of the simplest leases in the business. Fill out a one page lease, and you are done!

Exemplary Customer Service

It does not take much Googling to see that some of our competitors are not exactly known for high quality customer service. A chain, rent-to-own store, like Rent-A-Center or Aarons Furniture, does not have the same carefully honed focus that we do. We focus exclusively on rental furniture in the Texas and Gulf Coast region, and can devote the time necessary to resolving customers’ questions and meeting each customer’s needs.

Support Local Business

You may be familiar with big box stores like CORT Furniture and Rent-A-Center. But, as with any big box store, you are presented with a mix of corporate policies and cookie-cutter options that might not fit your needs. Corporate Furniture Leasing knows the Texas/Gulf Coast areas and has been serving them for over 50 years.

Contact Us


With CFL, receive the quality attention and customer service that small business offers. Call us at 832.644.5178 or use this form to send us any questions you might have about furniture rental today!

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